Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Horn of Bunty...coming soon!

copyright Aardman Animations 2011

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Horn of Bunty - Pilot Animatic

The Horn of Bunty is an animated adult sketch-show I am currently developing for Aardman Animations. Copyright Aardman Animations

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

HAMSHANKS and the Himalolly Mountain Railway!

Pilot for kids show i just completed for Cartoon Network...

Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Adventures of Jeffrey

Here's where it all began...

Monday, 6 June 2011

'Boy and Bear' by Dave Needham

11 minute Animatic I co-wrote with Dave Needham

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Aardman Ident 02 from Noznikrap on Vimeo.

Aardman Ident 01 from Noznikrap on Vimeo.

Ringbinders Ep.1 - First Aid

Friday, 8 April 2011